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Packaging and package labeling have several objectives. Packaging contains, protects, preserves, transports, informs, and sells. Print & Pixel and create the right packaging for your product.

Various Package Designs - RoseArt - Russ Berrie - Offrey
Various Package Designs
Description: Various package designs for the following companies starting from the top going clockwise: RoseArt "Glitter Art", RoseArt "Glow In The Dark" Crayons , Offray's Ribbon A-peel "Peel N' Stick Ribbon" , Russ Berrie "Mug-A-Mania" Novelty Mugs. Production Notes: Logos and artwork created in Adobe Illustrator. Layout/box diecut created in Adobe Illustrator.

Zona Roja CD Cover Design - Packaging
Zona Roja CD Cover Design
Description: CD and cassette tape packaging as well as a promotional poster design for the latin singing group, Zona Roja. Production Notes: Photo color corrected in Adobe Photoshop. Zona Roja logo created in Adobe Illustrator. Layout created in Quark Xpress.

Super Stampers - Package Sleeve Design for RoseArt
Package Sleeve Design
Description: Sleeve design and photo shoot for RoseArt's Super Stampers
arts and crafts activity kit. Production Notes: Photo color corrected in Adobe PhotoShop. Sleeve design layout executed in Quark Xpress.




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